Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Technology: Riding the Wave of Change...

(Inspired from the theme of Student Assembly on Information Technology Education SAITE 2016)

                While the new administration brings discipline to the country with an iron fist, what does it mean for technology? Would we stay with what we have? Will we finally experience internet speed on pap with other countries? I guess we’ll find out.

            Our generation relies mostly on the internet for everyday life. It somehow became a necessity since we can do a lot of things in the comfort of our beds. However, as time goes by, we start to crave faster internet speeds as that YouTube video buffers or that photo we upload on Facebook is taking its time. The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company or PLDT is our sole internet service provider in the country. Research states that other countries don’t pay as much as we do for internet connection. We pay too much for a deceiving “up to 2 Mbps” internet speed.

            During our president states of the nation address, he unveiled plans for a better Philippines which includes better internet. A supposed fiber optic cabling plan has been laid out. How he will do it is up to him. If we will get better internet, we can start to move further towards a more technologically advanced society.

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