Thursday, February 21, 2013

America believes that Philippines are the real Tiger of Asia.

During the regime of President Ferdinand Marcos our country was known as the Tiger of Asia. It was indeed real because of what you will see the foundation of infrastructure that Marcos built during his time three decades ago was now only continuous and maintain by the succeeding terms of government. As the time goes by people now understand the comparison of Marcos government from Cory Aquino, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Arroyo. The allegation of corruption done by Marcos 20 year’s term was now packed or compressed in 3 to 6 years terms of this generation government. We can ask our great grandfather or our father which of this government serves for the majority of the people. During Marcos as I remember the Edsa Avenue is so wide and there’s no traffic at all. Our economy was in full-bloomed and claims of prestige are in our hands, we are number one in Asia. But after Marcos we are number one too but in corruption and in all negative aspects of our country.

Now we could thank our present President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino, a righteous and ambitious president to troubleshoot the mess that left by the past governments. Now our economy is in the highest pick in Asia. To make your country heal you must sacrifice to clean first the different branches of the government no matter what. Whoever the person is who serves there even it’s an equal branch of the government or even they are our so called friends or relatives. Changing the system is really hard perhaps impossible but we need to stand out to face the challenge of this changing world.

America said that after Marcos Philippines will no longer cope up with the big fall of the economy and no more like Marcos who will stand for the people and for their country. Whoever will run for MalacaƱang will be greedy and pocket wise first before others. 24 years without Marcos the image of the Philippines it’s either last if positive aspect is concern or number one when negative. 

But now from 2010 up to present with our good troubleshooter and straight forward president the Philippines is in rapid change. The positive outlook of the economy and the strong economic growth makes our country the best among its neighboring country in Asia as America said that the looks that they said before about Philippines was a mistake and it was an indeed to be believed and agreed that Philippines will be the real “Tiger of Asia”


  1. from 2011 up to present, my small business sunk dramatically, and these so called GDP growth were merely an artificial statistics, there is no significant effect to all small businessman like me, it all sucks!

  2. Only druglords and protectors gained their wealth......fuck you! Aquino Administration.