Wednesday, October 26, 2016

OUTBACK PIES ~ “Authentic Australian Meat Pies”


Outback Pies is the brainchild of Rick and Sally who migrated to Australia back in the 80’s. Being ‘foodies’ themselves who possess discerning taste for nothing but the best and having lived in Australia ‘Down Under’ for the best part of their lives, they envisaged to share the authentic Australian meat pies here in their native town of Baliwag, Bulacan Philippines. It will offer a whole new dining experience that will give its customers a new ‘twist’ that will surely titillate even the most delicate of palates. The décor and overall ambience are the other elements to be reckoned with and one of its kind. The décor is predominantly handcrafted to replicate the feel of the Australian outback - vast, remote and arid.
Outback Pies aims to be the forefront in serving only but the best Australian meat pies not only to the Baliwageños but to the whole of the Philippines.    It also endeavors to let its valued customers experience one of the fine ‘tastes of Australia’ without physically going there.

Outback Pies will strive to achieve a great rapport with its customers by providing them with great tasting foods and beverages, ambiance that is both relaxing and welcoming and service that is second to none. 
Slogan/Tagline:   ‘The Taste of Australia’
Special Features:   Kindly visit our Gallery to see these works of art.
Outback Pies boasts of its handcrafted furniture and decor.   Not only were those hands used for baking and cooking, they were also the same sets of hands that created those unique and innovative wood works and metal works which include:

Tables and chairs
Hand carved Signage
Metal gates using tin roof
Picket fences
Bar Top
Polished Concrete with OUTBACK PIES inscription
Serving trays
Overhead shelvings
Boxed lightings using recycled palettes, metal rods and maison jars
‘Aboriginal’ wall art

Our Core Values:

L.E.T.’S   E.A.T

Love – food and drinks are made and served out of L-O-V-E.
Excellent – apart from enjoyable food and drinks, you will be treated with excellent service.
Trendy – being a ‘new concept’ in the field of Filipino cuisine.
Socially Responsible – most of the furniture is made out of recycled materials (ie wood, metal, tin roof, etc). Our own little way of saving our planet.
Extraordinary – being the first of its kind in the Philippines.
Appetizing – we at Outback Pies offer scrumptious selection of food and beverages.
Thankful – we here at Outback Pies are grateful to all of you for your support and patronage.
Secondary Slogans/Taglines:   ‘Serving PIES and SMILES’
‘Don’t lie, eat pie’
‘Pies that make you go ‘Crikey!’”
‘PIES straight from the OUTBACK’
‘PIES that take you to the OUTBACK’
Staff Members: 

Chef/Cook – Chito is a self-made cook hailing from a long line of prominent cooks from both sides of the family. He has the natural flair to fine food creation and often times introduces his own ‘twist’. Even your everyday run-of-the-mill food can turn into something spectacular.

Assistant Chef/Cook – Tino is following the footsteps of his ‘Dad/mentor/guru’ and promises to be a capable cook in his own right. Quiet in nature but pretty mean with those pots and ladles. He has a twin brother.

Restaurant Manager – Abet carries with him his vast experience in the field of entertainment and food and beverage industries, here in the Philippines and overseas. Keep an eye out for this singing and dancing Manager, if you’re lucky, he might bust a move.

Assistant Restaurant Manager – Adonis is the twin brother of Tino. He is a natural charmer and will put his ‘charm’ to great use in looking after the customers. He is also our very own house barista.

Dessert Experts/Service Crew – Dorle and Jella. These gals are the ones responsible in looking after your ‘sweet tooth’. They make those delectable and mouth-watering desserts.

Cashier/Service Crew – Marco is a chameleon. Do not be deceived by his looks nor by his quiet demeanor. This is one guy who has a lot to offer but tend to keep things to himself.

PR/IT/Marketing Consultant – Tantan is the master of Public Relations. Behind him is his extensive involvement in the campaign of the 2016 Philippines President-elect, Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte. Social media? Tantan is the man.14068391_326695467664863_7295827701374372229_o

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