Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Opening Remarks - Freshmen & Transferees Orientation 2015

A pleasant day to our Dear VP for Academic Affairs and Research, Dr. Flordeliza A. Castro, Vice-President for Academic Support and Co-Curricular Affairs Dean Elizabeth R. Roxas, Dean of respective colleges, teaching and non-teaching staff of Baliuag University and to all our new students. May I take this opportunity to welcome you all, and to extend a further word of welcome to everyone here this morning.

The opening day of new school year is certainly a moment that we should all savor and enjoy. This year marks another milestone to your life our dear freshmen. 

"We, in the Baliuag University are so grateful and happy that you have chosen Baliuag University to give you the best education there is in region III and one of the best in the entire country."

Like all of you who just made and started your first step to your dream Baliuag University envisioned the dream of establishing a world class educational institution; in connection with its 90th founding year with a theme of “GLORIOUS PAST. RADIANT FUTURE” The University will be your gateway to your future and a torch to your success.

This institution may be a strange place to all of you for a while, but as you find your special learning zone... you will then feel that this is your second home. Sa Baliuag University the culture is as always ”ANG SAYA-SAYA at SUPER SAYA” just keep in your heart the values of a TRUE student of Baliuag University, keep in mind the meaning of our core values ~ RISER (Responsibility, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Respect)  and you will be on the right track. 

Before I end may I give you a quote from our Dear Founder which was meant for beginners “A GOOD BEGINNING MAKES A GOOD ENDING”.

Again! Welcome to Baliuag University and may you walk with us beautifully… WITH FLYING COLORS.

Thank you and God Bless…

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